Confused around Maradona’s £4 million shirt

25 May 2022 | 12:14 | Football

 Steve Hodge, who swapped shirts with Diego Maradona after the famous 1986 World Cup match, is putting the shirt up for auction for £4m.

Maradona’s last goal in the World Cup

Steve Hodge was the lucky Three Lions player to swap shirts with the Argentinian legend after that year’s quarter-final, where Maradona scored the legendary handball goal. But Maradona’s daughter, Dalma, and his ex-wife, Claudia Villafane, have insisted the shirt Maradona wore in the second half had been given to someone else.

Dalma Maradona said: ” It’s not the shirt my father wore in the second half. I’m sure Hodge doesn’t have it, and I know who has. I don’t want to say who owns it, because that’s what. This is crazy.”

Who owns the shirt Maradona wears when scoring a goal with his hand? - Football

 Hodge once said he did not want to sell Maradona’s shirt.

Villafane added: “We want to speak out against that former player. I also don’t think he needs the money, unless he auctions it for a good cause. It would be good if the Argentine Football Federation buy it.”

Hodge said of the shirt auction: “I’ve been a proud owner of this item for over 35 years, ever since Diego and I swapped shirts in the tunnel after the famous game. It was an absolute privilege to play against one of the greatest footballers of all time.”

“I have also had the pleasure of sharing it with the public for the past 20 years at the National Football Museum, where it has been on display. And I’m sure the new owner will be extremely proud to own the shirt. most iconic fight in the world.”

Thanh Vu | 18:05 07/04/2022