Hull City 2 – 1 Cardiff

25 May 2022 | 08:27 | Football

Hull City ended six home defeats in a row with a 2-1 win over Cardiff in the Sky Betting Championship.

Goals from Allahyar Sayyadmanesh and Lewie Coyle early in the first half gave the hosts three welcome points against weaker opponents.

Captain Aden Flint scored an 81st-minute header to reduce the deficit, but the visitors lacked direction for most of the game and should have left East Yorkshire empty-handed.

Cardiff has little to play, but manager Steve Morrison’s biggest concern is his side’s lethargic attitude towards end-of-season textbook encounters.

Hull also plans to play another season in the Championship after a vigorous start, essentially getting the game over in 11 minutes.

There was no denying the Tigers’ career was helped by a terrifying Cardiff defence, with right-back Mark McGuinness erring on the side of the home side’s first goal just eight minutes later.

McGuinness, wary of the trivial threat of possession from Keane Lewisport in an innocuous position, should clear the danger of a throw-in.

Instead, he blocked Lewis-Porter and sent a dangerous return pass to goalkeeper Dillon Phillips.

Phillips had no chance to react as the nimble Sayad Manesh realised the danger before scoring his first goal for Hull on loan from Fenerbahce.

Cardiff were unable to regroup with any apparent authority and conceded a second goal three minutes later.

Cody Drameh’s routine clearance messed up, hitting another Cardiff player before falling on Regan Slater, who was deftly passing from the edge of the box The ball goes to Coyle.

Still, Coyle gave way too much space before swiping the ball into the bottom left of the net with a shrewd right-footed sweep.

Morrison’s men at least rallied towards half-time, but they could have conceded a third of the ball shortly after the restart.

Slater found Lewis Porter in a pocket of space in the box, but the coveted striker was held back by a clever stop by Phillips – a rebound from Drumme circling the crossbar.

Morrison would argue that Cardiff were the better side in the second half since then.

They also looked more assured of possession once Tommy Doyle and Rubin Colewell replaced McGuinness and Uche Ikpezu at half-time.

But they didn’t give Matt Ingram a moment’s worry in the attacking third until Mark Harris was easily blocked by the Hull keeper after the 67th minute.

Doyle then fired wide after a clever interaction with Harris before Flint hit from close range from the right corner with nine minutes remaining.

With the Tigers more than happy to sit down and Cardiff lacking the energy and conviction to get back into the game until later, the second half felt like typical champion dead rubber at this stage of the season.

Compared to Morrison, Hull City manager Shota Aviladze will still be happy with his players – many of whom are due to expire soon, and Morrison’s side only seem to focus on theirs summer vacation.

What do managers say…

Hull’s Shota Aviladze“Now we can say for sure (Hull City stayed up late), it’s good. It’s lovely, it’s good for the coach and the players – great for us and them. The first half was absolutely good. The second half, We conceded a bit but we have to give credit to them for changing the system. Sometimes mistakes cost you games, but this time we took our chances and we made mistakes that didn’t cost us the game.

“We had a similar game when we got nothing. It was just the opposite. We closed well, got our chances and we could have killed the game early in the second half. They risked more with the addition of a striker. Big risk, but we didn’t give too much away to get the result we wanted. It was important to give our supporters that amazing feeling (to win at home).

Cardiff’s Steve Morrison“I’m not going to focus on it (the first half). I want to focus on the second half because I don’t want to make any unnecessary headlines. We did better in the second half. Should we get something? Maybe in the balance of chances. On, yeah. I was really happy with the second half – the lads carried out our orders in the second half. Ended the game in the first 10 minutes and we got the spot – it was so annoying, it went wrong so quickly .

“You play the sport to love winning but you find it hard to be positive about losing. We have to keep working hard as a football club – we have a big game on Monday[at Luton’s home ground]. Hopefully It’s going to be a really good summer and we’re really looking forward to the start of next season. It’s going to be an exciting time and I’m really looking forward to it. But, fundamentally, we still have five games to play and we hope Get as many wins as you can.”

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