Mourinho’s warning about Martial comes true

26 May 2022 | 05:51 | Football

Even if Anthony Martial’s excuses on social media are true, the French striker creates a big problem for Manchester United.

Why, after the 2-2 draw against Aston Villa over the weekend, coach Ralf Rangnick accused Martial of refusing to play? Are the statements of the striker born in 1996 after the game accurate?

Only insiders know what really happened in the “Red Devils” dressing room for a few days. However, the internals of Man United, which were not smooth, now became chaotic after the actions of Martial and his agent.

Striker Martial makes the Old Trafford team more unstable. Photo: Reuters.

Striker Martial makes the Old Trafford team more unstable. Photo: Reuters.

Mourinho was right

Mr. Rangnick is not the first Manchester United manager to have problems with Martial. Coach Jose Mourinho has repeatedly criticized the French striker during his time at Old Trafford.

In 2018, the “special person” affirmed that Martial and many MU players at that time lacked maturity. “Martial like many other young players of MU has talent, but lacks the effort and desire to go to the next level,” coach Mourinho told Univision channel .

Another time, the Portuguese strategist also compared Martial with Karim Benzema, Real Madrid’s striker. “When I worked with Karim, there was no conflict,” Mourinho told L’Equipe . “I just want to help the player change his mindset and reach his full potential. To be a good striker, the player has to change his mentality. Working with Karim is very easy.”

Coach Mourinho affirmed: “Martial is still a boy, with a different personality from Benzema. The only thing I can say for sure is that if he (Martial) changes his mind, he can reach his full potential. me”. The current captain of Roma repeatedly asked the MU leadership to sell Martial because the player had a poor playing mentality and lack of concentration.

Nearly half a decade has passed since the “special person’s” assessment, Benzema reached out to fill the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. The 34-year-old striker is one of the best strikers in the world right now.

Meanwhile, at the age of 26, Martial faces an uncertain future at Man United. Even if he wants to leave Old Trafford right in this January transfer window, no big club wants to recruit the former Monaco striker. Sevilla is the only team that is enthusiastic about Martial, but the representative of Spain does not dare to spend big.

Over the past month, coach Rangnick has repeatedly confirmed that there have been no convincing offers from other teams for Martial. Poor performance makes the 26-year-old striker an unattractive item in the transfer market.

The fact that coach Rangnick publicly said Martial did not want to be in the Man United squad pushed things further. The German strategist is not satisfied with the attitude of Martial and his agent over the past month.

Unlike his predecessor Ole Solskjaer, Mr. Rangnick is not a pampered coach and likes to treat players gently. After a month of Man United playing poorly on the pitch, the team’s dressing room showed signs of disorder and division.

The German strategist needs to be tough to shake things up. The statements of coach Rangnick targeting Martial could be the end of the French striker’s future at Old Trafford.

7 years have passed since MU spent £ 58 million to recruit Martial from Monaco, the striker born in 1995 can now be considered a failed deal of the team.

Coach Mourinho was not satisfied with Martial's attitude. Photo: Reuters.

Coach Mourinho was not satisfied with Martial’s attitude. Photo: Reuters.

Martial can only blame himself

Maybe Martial is not lying, and the excuses on his personal page right after the statement from coach Rangnick are true. However, as a professional player, playing for Man United for many years, Martial needs to show more than just statements on social networks.

In the summer of 2015, MU agreed to a clause that would pay Monaco more than £ 7.2 million if the player won the Ballon d’Or before June 2019. That clause shows the great expectations that both Monaco and MU have for the French striker.

At the 2021 Golden Ball award ceremony, Martial was not even in the top 29 candidates. Martial now receives a salary of £150,000/week (after tax), among the top earning stars at Old Trafford.

High salary, but the player’s on-field contribution is not commensurate. The fact that only Sevilla, a fairly European team, asked Martial to speak to the player’s position at the moment.

The La Liga team wants to borrow Martial and is only willing to pay half of the player’s current salary. The MU leadership of course cannot be satisfied with the offer from the partner. The striker born in 1995 has never played stably or shown great progress at MU.

In the last year of coach Solskjaer at Man United, Martial declined. The Norwegian strategist’s patience with the former Monaco striker makes the “Red Devils” now pay the price. In the two summer transfer periods of 2020 and 2021, the MU leadership considered the possibility of selling Martial, but coach Solskjaer was not interested.

The departure of the Norwegian strategist puts Martial in a more difficult situation. Under coach Rangnick, Martial has not played a minute. The last time the French striker played was in a 3-2 victory over Arsenal in early December. At that time, Michael Carrick was still the interim coach.

No one knows the true motive of coach Rangnick in his statement about Martial. The German strategist can use the 26-year-old striker as “a scapegoat” in the process of clearing the Man United dressing room.

The former Leipzig coach may also be upset when Martial’s agent publicly announced the player’s request to leave last month. After all, it’s all just conjecture. There is only one fact that Martial is making Man United more unstable.