Press conference MU – Aston Villa: Coach Rangnick announced good news, revealed new tactics

26 May 2022 | 03:46 | Football

(Direct press conference, Aston Villa – MU, 8 pm, 14/1) Coach Rangnick revealed about the situation of MU’s forces, and reported some important information to the fans.

Coach Rangnick explained the tactical problem

“I’m fully aware of the tactical system and the way the team operates. It’s a work in progress, and we can’t ask for a change of skin after just a few games. We are. We’ve conceded less, and done better in terms of controlling the game. Obviously we’ve achieved some results, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. And like I said, everything is fine. need time.

Coach Rangnick is building a new way of playing for MU

Coach Rangnick is building a new way of playing for MU

Update on goalkeeper Dean Henderson – Van de Beek

“I understand why Deano wants that. I said I wanted him to stay. Given the quality of Dean Henderson and his age, the desire to play every week is natural. However, We are currently playing in three leagues, and I believe that his playing time will be more in the future,” coach Rangnick said specifically about goalkeeper Dean Henderosn.

“Van de Beek’s case is similar. I’m happy to have him in the team. Donny is always in top form and shows professionalism in training. I spoke to them, both Henderson and Van de Beek. , and advised them to stay at the club until the end of the season and then make a decision.Donny wanted to play in the World Cup and Louis van Gaal told him the basic requirement was to play regularly. , but there’s a lot of competition in the team.”

Not afraid of Aston Villa, ready to play attack

Coach Rangnick: “At least, meeting Aston Villa again allows us to understand who our opponents are. We also know we can beat them with our attacking play. We will try to keep going. get the best results”. 

Coach Rangnick announced the good news about the force

Coach Ralf Rangnick said in a press conference: “I think they (Maguire, Shaw, Ronaldo, Sancho) are ready. They trained yesterday. Cristiano fully trained yesterday, Harry Maguire the day before. We practiced the last session this afternoon and the whole team was well prepared.”

Ronaldo criticizes lazy teammates

“When I give you advice and you’re a young player, if you don’t listen, it’s going to be extremely difficult,” Ronaldo said. “I’m the best person to help you. If you don’t want to take my advice, fine. Do it your way, look at yourself and do your best to help the team. I am ready to spend all day giving advice but all is in vain if you do not listen. When I was young, 18, 19, 20 years old, my older teammates taught me the same and I always took that as a guideline.

Fans want to know Coach Rangnick's reaction to Ronaldo's statement

Fans want to know Coach Rangnick’s reaction to Ronaldo’s statement

What awaits MU at Villa Park?

At the end of this week, MU will meet Aston Villa again in the 22nd round of the English Premier League . And in his latest statement, Ronaldo said he hopes to return to face Steven Gerrard’s side. This is a match where MU is expected to be “more or less good” because the home team has just added two notable rookies, Philippe Coutinho and Lucas Digne.

MU’s force is quite thin

Similar to Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho and Phil Jones are also suffering from muscle injuries. And according to Mirror, the British duo is likely to recover in time for the trip to Villa Park. Contrary to 3 teammates, captain central defender Harry Maguire has a chest injury but his ability to play this weekend is still a question mark.