Queen’s Birthday Honours List: Gareth Bale, Moen Ali and Eve Moorhead among Sporting Stars | News

27 Jun 2022 | 08:01 | Football

Wales captain Gareth Bale, England all-rounder Moen Alli and Olympic gold medalist Eve Moorhead were all on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list on Wednesday.

Bale was awarded the MBE for his contributions to football and charity. The Cardiff-born striker is Wales’ all-time top scorer, winning 20 trophies and scoring more than 100 goals for Real Madrid, including three in the Champions League final.

Bell also donated more than €1 million to hospitals in Wales and Spain in April 2020 in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, and has also supported other charities in his home country.

Ali received the OBE award for his cricket service in recognition of his 16 years of experience in the professional game, which included 225 appearances for the national team in all forms.

Since he made his debut for England in 2014 as a Birmingham-born Pakistani athlete, he has been a beacon for Asian sport in the UK, an ambassador for inclusion and a Muslim in a system ravaged by discrimination allegations. A proud representation of the faith.

Moen Ali has made 225 appearances in all forms of England

Moen Ali has made 225 appearances in all forms of England

“It’s an honor to be recognized, it’s amazing, and my family is really proud and happy. Most importantly, I know it makes my parents happy,” he said.

“It’s not about running and wickets. I think it’s more about the journey I’ve been through and all that stuff, I guess. It’s my background, my upbringing and all that. All that I’ve been through. things in my life.

“With the work I’ve done and the things I’ve done, I think it’s something I look back on at the end of my career and think it’s special, it’s been a great journey and it’s really worth it in the end.”

Eve Muirhead is part of the team that will win gold at the 2022 Beijing Olympics

Eve Muirhead is part of the team that will win gold at the 2022 Beijing Olympics

Moorhead, who was part of the British women’s curling team that won gold at the Beijing Winter Olympics earlier this year, won the OBE.

Her teammates Jennifer Dodds, Hailey Duff, Vicky Wright and backup Mili Smith all received MBEs.

Liverpool midfielder James Milner also received an MBE, while former England and Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand received an OBE for his contributions to football and charity.

Queen’s Birthday Honours List


Moeen Ali, serving cricket (Birmingham).

League Managers Association chief executive Richard Bevan for Football (Hale, Cheshire).

Luther Blissett, Sports Memory Patron for Football and Charity (Aylesbury).

Lora Fachie, MBE, servicing the bikes (Altringham).

Neil Fachie, MBE, servicing the bikes (Altringham).

Rio Ferdinand, for football and charity (London).

Corrine Hall, MBE, with bike service (Stockport).

Eve Muirhead, MBE, serves curling (Stirling).

Sean O’Loughlin, for Rugby Union (Wigan).

Mike Summerbee, for football and charity (Wilmslow, Cheshire).


Gareth Bale, for football and charity (Cardiff).

Jennifer Dodds, serving curling (Edinburgh).

Hailey Duff for curling (Forfar).

Thomas Dyson, Head Coach, UK Rowing Paralympic Paths, provides services for Paralympic Rowing (Workingham, Berkshire).

Gary Hall, GB Taekwondo Performance Director, provides services to Taekwondo (Altringham).

Shirley McCay, for hockey and community in Northern Ireland (Omagh, County Tyrone).

Hannah Miley, Serving Women in Swimming and Sports (Blackburn).

James Milner, for football and charity (Moberley, Cheshire).

David Murdoch, head coach of the British curling team, serves for curling (Sterling).

Alan Rough, for football and charity in Scotland (Glasgow).

Georgina Seccombe (Harland), Head of Team GB for Beijing 2022, serving the Olympic Movement (Canterbury).

Mark Selby, for Snooker and Charity (Lutworth, Leicestershire).

Neil Simpson, alpine skier, for ski services (Banjorie, Kincardine).

Andrew Simpson, alpine skier, provides services for skiing (Banchory, Kincardine).

Mili Smith, for curling (Perth).

Judd Trump, for Snooker and Charity (Bristol).

British Fencing CEO Georgina Usher provides services for fencing (London).

Brynmor Williams, for sports and charity in Wales (Cowbridge, South Glamorgan).

Vicky Wright, for Stirling.

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Grimsby Town Supervisor Kristine Green serves football in North East Lincolnshire (Grimsby).

Carol Thomas, for football and charity (Hull).

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