Sean Dyche sacked: Burnley caretaker boss Michael Jackson says decision stunned everyone at Lawn Marsh

25 May 2022 | 08:11 | Football

Caretaker boss Michael Jackson has revealed Burnley’s players were completely shocked by the departure of Sean Dyche’s turf swamp.

Jackson has been named caretaker for Sunday’s visit to West Ham following the board’s decision on Friday to sack long-serving boss Dyche. Burnley are 18th in the Premier League table, four points from the safety zone.

Jackson also said he had not been informed that anyone would be in charge following Sunday’s trip to the London Stadium, adding that he hoped everyone at the club would adopt a siege mentality as Burnley battle to stay in the Premier League.

“I came in in the morning to prepare for the U23s game and the chairman called me into his office and I was told about it. I was told that’s what was going on,” Jackson said.

“It shocked the players, it’s human nature.

“They’re an experienced team, they came together and now for us the whole club, all the fans, come together and focus on doing what we need to do.”

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Jody Morris and Jonathan Morgan react to Dyche firing

Jackson praised Dyche for his contribution to Burnley’s success and said there would be no major squad changes for Sunday’s game at West Ham.

“he [Dyche] Building the club, but also building a culture, an identity, which is sometimes really hard to do in football,” Jackson said.

“The work he’s done, you just have to listen to a few interviews with other managers and his peers to know what they think of him. It’s sad but they should be remembered for what they’ve done for the club. I’m sure fans will remember it too.

“When I see it, you just have to look back a few games ago and they had three games in a row – Tottenham, Brighton and Crystal Palace – when the team was combined. Then it was against Everton. ‘s comeback.

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“There’s a lot of good here, it reminds the team what we’re good at, reminds them what Burnley is.

“I don’t think you have complete freedom to go and play. For us, it’s about preparing for Sunday’s game and all the focus will be on that. We’re not going to change the style of a game day. .

“The strength is in the team, an experienced team. They work together and they know how to play. We may tinker with some details, but not radically change the style. We will play half the football at a time.”

Duff interested in Burnley job

Michael Duff isn’t hiding his interest in Burnley job

Former Burnley defender Michael Duff admits he is interested in the Burnley job but says he is focused on his current job as Cheltenham manager.

Asked if he was interested in the job, Duff said: “Yes, it would be an obvious answer because I think I’ve owned two football clubs in 27 years, Cheltenham. and Burnley) they are the two clubs that are closest to my heart so it’s if, but and maybe. I’m focused on my work here right now.

Duff said Burnley had not approached or contacted him.

Middlesbrough manager Chris Wilder, who has also been linked with the job, told Sky Sports he was not interested in replacing Dyche at Turf Moor.

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Ex-West Ham player John Hartson thinks Burnley picked a bad time to sack Dyche

Analysis: Dyche leaves as Burnley legend

Nick Wright of Sky Sports:

When Sean Dyche was appointed Turf Moor in October 2012, he inherited 14th in the Championship table by the team that conceded the most goals in the league.

Over the next decade, he will oversee a comprehensive transformation of the club, with promotion to the Premier League again after a brief return to the second tier in 2014 and 2016.

Dyche was Burnley’s third manager in two years after Brian Rolles and Eddie Howe, but all the turmoil soon became a distant memory and the club became a picture of stability instead.

Dyche even became the longest-serving manager in the Premier League at the end of the 2019/20 season after Burnley finished 10th and Howe was relegated at Bournemouth.

The highlight of his tenure at Burnley remained their extraordinary seventh-place finish in 2017/18, but it was what he did for the club as a whole to establish them in the top flight on a budget far below rivals It has created a unique identity on and off the field that fans cherish the most.

The team’s struggles this season have prompted the club to act, but it’s a testament to the fine work of Dyche, whose sacking was a shock even with the looming threat of relegation. It’s a gamble that their owners may regret.

Managers praise Burnley’s Dyche work: ‘They should have a statue of him’

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Thomas Frank expresses extreme surprise after news of Burnley sacking Dyche

Brentford manager Thomas Frank: “I was very surprised. I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but from the outside, as Brentford managers, we can learn a lot from a club like Burnley.

“They got promoted, they got relegated, they got promoted, they’ve been in the PL for six or seven years. What they’ve done is amazing. Sean Dyche and his coaching staff and everyone at the club do Incredible top work.

“I think Sean Dyche deserves a lot of credit and they should have a statue of him outside Tefmore because what he’s done is unbelievable – every season, to maybe the bottom three Or to get into the Premier League with a bottom-four budget and then still be able to compete, not just survive, and at least get a top 10 finish is a terrific, terrific job.

“From the outside, I think they would have a better chance of keeping him alive because he knows everything. But of course, I don’t know everything.”

West Ham manager David Moyes: “I was shocked and a little surprised. I think Sean has done a fantastic job and built Burnley in the Premier League over the years. Burnley have been a very difficult team to play against in recent times, where Most of it has been done by Sean.”

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta: “I have nothing but praise because what he has done at the club for the past 10 years has been phenomenal. He has given the club a very clear identity and he has managed to keep the team in the league with minimal budget. I wish Good luck to him, and like colleagues, I’m sad when you see these decisions.”

Brighton manager Graham Potter: “Surprising. I feel sympathy for my colleague, someone I respect a lot. Of course it’s not good if someone loses their job, but we know these things happen in football. I don’t think he’s going to be out of work for long because he Great job at Burnley.

“I think it’s part of life. Sean is a big man and he knows what’s going on. The reality is that there are more people than Premier League managers to feel bad about, but there is pressure and there are expectations.

“Sometimes it’s fair, sometimes it’s unfair – it’s about territory. We know when we go into it. We know when it doesn’t work out, you’re under pressure, you’re under scrutiny. But that’s part of it You sign up for something, you have to deal with it.”

Watford manager Roy Hodgson: “Of all the people in the league, he’s one of the people I think has the best chance of surviving this situation, so I don’t know what happened.

“It must have happened because you didn’t break up with a manager like Sean Dyche because he’s done so many amazing things for that club over the last 10 years, he built this club.

“So I’m also surprised and shocked and disappointed because I know Sean well and I admire him as a coach and as a manager. I don’t think anything like that would happen to him.”

Burnley remaining fixtures

April 17 – West Ham (1)

April 21 – Southampton (main), Live Sky Sports

April 24 – Wolves (h)

April 30 – Watford (1)

May 7 – Aston Villa (main)

May 15 – Tottenham Hotspur (1)

May 19 – Aston Villa (1)

May 22 – Newcastle (main)

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