The lack of HAGL after the first 2 rounds in the V-League

26 May 2022 | 12:58 | Football

Coach (coach) Kiatisuk Senamuang will have a tiring season when the momentum in the V-League 2022 is not perfect. The force is thin and hasn’t changed much compared to last season.

Two rounds with 2 points is not a bad thing for HAGL. The mountain town team has yet to concede a goal, but has not yet scored a goal. Most importantly, the way Gia Lai players play is no longer as prosperous as in 2021. Besides, the opponents also know the card of “Zico Thai” to get at least one exit point.

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Coach Kiatisuk faced many challenges in his second season leading HAGL. Photo: Quang Thinh.

HAGL has many inadequacies

As Zing mentioned before the day HAGL opened the V-League at Nam Dinh Stadium, the mountain town team did not have enough time to assemble the squad together. HAGL has 4 groups of players including national players, 4 foreign players (2 old, 2 rookies), 10 young players and the rest.

For all to integrate well, HAGL needs a lot of time and friendly matches. However, before the season, they played 4 matches, including an internal match. The main force of the team is 7 national players. This group reunited too late, so there was no official match before the tournament, not to mention the inertia because of constantly focusing and living on the principle of a closed bubble.

Nguyen Van Toan admitted that he was losing his form when he returned to the club. In the team, he did not play much, while the V-League 2021 season stopped from May, until the end of February 2022 it is nearly 10 months. “Only this year alone, the break between the club and the national team is too long. The players need to regain their pace, I hope to get it back soon because we have been playing together for a long time,” said Van Toan after the draw with Ha. Static on 2/3.

Players like Van Toan, Cong Phuong still have football activities at the team level, the performance and feeling of the ball should be better than hundreds of other Vietnamese players who have been idle for nearly 10 months. Looking at the way Van Toan, Cong Phuong or Minh Vuong played, it could be seen that they did not keep up with the club’s playstyle.

The match against Nam Dinh Club in the first round was the first official match that the HAGL team played with their teammates. Before that, they only practiced vegetarian in Ham Rong. HAGL cannot move to training or welcome other teams due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. The trip to Hai Phong was canceled, the training tournament in Pleiku could not be held for the same reason.

Similar is the group of foreign soldiers and 10 young players. Three matches in the Hoang De Quang Trung Cup is not enough for all to become one block. Kiatisuk’s HAGL had such a misleading start in 2021. They lost to Saigon Club on the opening day and then slowly established an unbeaten performance after the tournaments had to be stopped because of the epidemic.

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HAGL has not shown any difference compared to the 2021 season for many reasons including financial. Photo: Quang Thinh.

There are no special elements

One thing HAGL will confront in the second season of Kiatisuk’s time is the possibility of being caught. After a series of 11 unbeaten matches in 2021, the teams already know how to overcome the Thai leader’s gameplay, tactical intentions and human manipulation. Except for two Brazilian foreign soldiers who are the key faces to rotate when HAGL has an AFC Champions League front, the remaining 29 players are not new.

HAGL did not buy any internal soldiers before the season. The team added 10 young players to play V-League 2022. Finance for this season, the team mainly focused on keeping two pillars, Nguyen Huu Tuan and Huynh Tuan Linh with 3-year contracts and signed with Kim. Dong-su and Brandao. In addition, this money is used to buy 2 more foreign soldiers, pay players’ salaries and upgrade the stadium.

Coach Nguyen Thanh Cong of Ha Tinh Club analyzed: “We faced many difficulties because of Covid-19, but we still played well against HAGL. I showed my students how to lock strengths and exploit weaknesses. We know Brandao often moves the right armpit. Van Hanh and Janclesio have coordinated and played well.”

Nam Dinh Club also had no difficulty keeping a point against HAGL on the opening day. In the 2021 season, Mr. Sy’s teachers and students were close to holding a 3-3 draw with HAGL at Pleiku Stadium if the host did not receive a penalty at the end of the match. HAGL has not promoted any difference for other teams to be wary of. Kiatisuk has to use what is available in the allowed conditions.

Besides being read by opponents, HAGL is also facing the problem of “boring football”. As coach Kiatisuk said, the players are not motivated. The Thai military leader has to use many ways to stimulate the feeling of competition of the students. The proof is that the players will take turns playing or playing for about 60 minutes to feel “craving for the field”.

With the key force unchanged, the position competitiveness in HAGL is still very weak. It is difficult for young players to compare or take the official place of the seniors. Meanwhile, Kiatisuk mainly waits for the integration of foreign soldiers Mauricio and Baiano. After 4 rounds, the tournament will take a break of 4 months and that’s the right time for HAGL to forge troops.

The strength of the German football team has not yet been promoted. As Coach Thanh Cong commented, HAGL caught the rhythm of the game, it was very difficult to predict. Therefore, this is also a good opportunity for other competitors to take points from HAGL. In the next 2 rounds, HAGL will be a guest at SLNA’s Vinh field and receive Viettel at home in round 4.