The Red Devils already know what to do with Ralf Rangnick

25 May 2022 | 12:34 | Football

 The German strategist is still working to change the game and help Manchester United have a better future.

Ralf Rangnick at Man Utd

Ralf Rangnick arrives at Manchester United on two missions. The first is part of a long-term plan, with Rangnick’s expertise in creating a structure that works for the team, through recruitment and change of play.

The second is the short-term goal of replacing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drive Man Utd until the end of the season. Currently, the performance on the field gives very bad results. But it is important that Man Utd do not let this overshadow Rangnick’s value.
The Red Devils knew what to do with Ralf Rangnick - Football

 Rangnick is still in the process of rebuilding Man Utd.

Rangnick must be given the opportunity to do what he does best. There is no clarity on Rangnick’s future role. Besides a vague statement about Rangnick becoming a “mentor” after this season ends.

However, in the past week, Rangnick has repeatedly voiced what Man Utd needs to do to improve the quality. It feels like Rangnick realizes what Man Utd lacks, to be able to really revive the team.


“I told the board what had to happen and whenever a new coach or manager came in, it had to fit the way the new coach wanted to play and the way he was playing ,” Rangnick said. player needed for the team.

Need to make the right decisions, and what kind of people the team needs. Then, in each transfer window, bring in the best players to serve the team. Maybe just two or three transfer windows and the situation could be different.”
The Red Devils knew what to do with Ralf Rangnick - Football

 Rangnick has a vision and promises to change the face of the Red Devils.

Rarely has anyone at Manchester United dared to say so many candid things since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement. United have always depended on the pursuit of big names and short-term deals , under former CEO Ed Woodward.

That is the wrong approach. United have now done the hard part. Woodward is gone, and Rangnick is really here, ready to offer his opinion. Now Man Utd need to give this coach the key and give Rangnick what he needs.

Rangnick has proven expertise in building clubs and identifying the right talent for the team’s future, and the Man Utd board should listen. Rangnick has a vision and promises to help Man Utd change.

Tieu Lam | 17:32 04/05/2022