The unexpected star can rescue Chelsea

26 May 2022 | 14:42 | Football

 Chelsea can count on the name no one thought of before the Real Madrid rematch is Timo Werner.

Timo Werner’s talent in Chelsea shirt

Not everyone can win the Ballon d’Or. In about 10 years, only a few have had a chance to threaten the status of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But every professional soccer player can dream of becoming a player of the moment, elevating himself to heroic status with a single kick.

The history of European football has always been filled with the footprints of unappreciated players before a big game. Divock Origi helped Liverpool topple Barcelona in the 2019 Champions League semi-finals. It didn’t stop there. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Lucas Moura or Jerzy Dudek. It’s all part of the history of English teams in the face of the impossible at the continental level.
Chances for Timo Werner - Football

 Werner could be a savior for Chelsea.

And that’s good news for Thomas Tuchel. The Blues coach is hungry for a “great scenario” when Chelsea march to the Bernabeu in the hope of turning the tide. And with Romelu Lukaku already out of form and unable to play this match, maybe it’s time for an unsung hero to emerge?

It has happened before with Chelsea in April 2012, Fernando Torres dribbling past Victor Valdes at Camp Nou and put the ball into an empty net. Torres’ £50m signing was seen as a disaster, but he saved Chelsea’s reputation by leading the club to the Champions League final and crowning champions.

A decade on, Tuchel is right to hope for a repeat from another unloved star. Timo Werner is expected to start from the beginning. Since Werner arrived at Stamford Bridge for £47.5m in 2020, his scoring form has been steadily declining.
Chances for Timo Werner - Football

 Just a moment of ecstasy, Werner can transform into the hero of the Blues.

However, the big stage awaited Werner. With just a flash of light, he can make everyone forget the previous image of weakness.  

Tuchel said: “It’s one of the biggest challenges of being a guest at the Bernabeu. It’s difficult even if you need a certain result. Turning the game around is almost impossible but still worth the effort. We’re not sure we’ll make it, but we’ll try.”

And for that to happen, the Blues definitely need Werner. This is the moment for the German striker to step out and rescue Chelsea.

Tieu Lam | 18:22 April 12, 2022