The Vietnamese team needs to stop making mistakes to win against China

26 May 2022 | 13:27 | Football

Throughout the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, the Vietnamese team made many mistakes that made Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students still not get any points.

The second defeat against Australia is predictable. Coach Graham Arnold’s teachers and students are not in good form, but they are still at a higher level. The home team played with determination, winning 4-0 to relieve pressure and regain confidence in the fans.

However, the Vietnamese team can still do better and limit the number of goals conceded.

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When facing high-class players like Rogic, mistakes are what the Vietnamese team needs to limit.

Right at the 20th second, goalkeeper Bui Tan Truong’s net was shaken after a rhythmic coordination phase of the Australian team. Previously, midfielder Tran Dinh Trong made a mistake when he passed the ball straight to Aaron Mooy’s leg. Fortunately for Vietnam, this goal was disallowed when Jackson Irvine was in an offside position.

At the opening goal, Tom Rogic crossed the ball accurately to Jamie Maclaren’s header to beat goalkeeper Tan Truong. Pass quality is very high but Vietnam’s defensive players can make Maclaren more difficult.

“That goal was the fault of Bui Tien Dung and Le Van Xuan. It was not a pass at high speed. They had enough time and space to dispute, put pressure on the Australian striker, but just watched.” , Vu Nhu Thanh, a former Vietnam national defender, expressed his opinion.

Another problem is that the Vietnamese team let the opponents cross the ball quite comfortably. In the first leg at My Dinh Stadium, Ajdin Hrustic also made a pass at the same position as Rogic, helping Rhyan Grant to score the only goal of the match. At that time, the midfielder of Eintracht Frankfurt was not under any pressure.

In the 2-3 loss against China, the Vietnamese team also made the same mistake. Wang Shenchao is free to make 2 crosses. After that, Wu Lei was able to finish in quite comfortable positions, without obstruction, put pressure on the Vietnamese central defenders and scored a brace. This is the error that Bui Tien Dung and his teammates need to fix.

By the second goal in the match against Australia, the gap in experience between the two teams was clearly revealed. Dinh Trong was quite wise when he rushed up, actively fouled the opponent to prevent a counterattack. Before lying on the field because of pain, he also hugged the ball so that the opponent could not deploy a quick free kick.

However, an Australian player quickly regained the ball while Dinh Trong lay on the field. Meanwhile, the remaining players of the Vietnamese team did not realize it. As a result, the Australian team deployed a quick free kick and Vietnam did not react in time.

From a seemingly harmless ball when the free kick was in the middle of the field, the Australian team quickly converted into a goal. They have shown the mischievousness, which the Vietnamese team lacks a lot.

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The Australian player came to steal the ball in Dinh Trong’s hand.

“To beat the Chinese team, Vietnam needs to learn lessons from past mistakes . Their defense is not allowed to make elementary mistakes like last time. In the match against Australia, the passes were broken from the field. The home of the Vietnamese defenders once again allowed them to concede a goal ,” Jason Dasey, a commentator of ABC News (Australia), shared with Zing.

In matches with Oman, Japan or Saudi Arabia, the Vietnamese team made mistakes and paid with goals. That is the reason why Park’s teachers and students have not had any scores despite having impressive playing times.

Not only in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup, the Vietnamese team also made a mistake in the AFF Cup 2020 with Hong Duy’s unfortunate slip in the semi-final first leg against Thailand. This situation made the Vietnamese team conceded a goal and made it more difficult to play for the rest of the match as well as the second leg semi-final.

Choosing the time to rise to the close of the Vietnamese team is also a problem. Typical examples are the situations that led to the first goal in the World Cup qualifier against China and the second against Thailand in the AFF Cup. In these two phases, Bui Tien Dung and Que Ngoc Hai took the initiative to step up but still let the opponent handle the ball successfully. After that, the remaining players of the Vietnamese team fell into a passive position and received a goal.

On February 1, the Vietnamese team will have a rematch with China at My Dinh Stadium. Coach Park as well as his students affirmed that they will be determined to win 3 points as gifts for fans in the new year. To do that, they must first correct their mistakes.