Thierry Henry shows how to make Pulisic reach the level of Eden Hazard

26 May 2022 | 06:10 | Football

 The Arsenal legend thinks that the American star needs to do more if he wants to reach the level of Eden Hazard.

Tuchel: ‘Assertive Pulisic is very beneficial for us’

Eden Hazard when he was still at Chelsea was considered one of the world’s best attacking stars. Speed ​​and skillful dribbles are the fearsome weapons of the Belgian striker. That’s why Real Madrid spent 100 million euros to recruit Hazard in 2019. Unfortunately, the injury caused the 31-year-old’s career to decline.

After Hazard left, Christian Pulisic took over the No. 10 shirt of the Blues. However, the former Dortmund star has not yet met the expectations of the fans. Injuries are the cause of the American players’ difficulties. Pulisic is currently still struggling to compete for the starting position under Thomas Tuchel.
Thierry Henry tells Christian Pulisic how to reach Eden Hazard’s level for Chelsea - Bóng Đá

 Pulisic needs to generate more mutations.


Legendary Thierry Henry believes the 23-year-old can still make the same impact as Hazard at Chelsea, by “unlocking” the opponent’s defense – as Hazard has done in the past. “When I look at Pulisic and you see the clips, all the clips of his skills are in transition ,” Henry said .

If you want to be great at this club, Eden Hazard can unlock something when the opponent plays low. And I haven’t seen that in Pulisic yet. He can convert, yes.

But can Pulisic unlock with a skill like Salah, or like Hazard before? I have not seen that.”