West Ham Women 1 – 4 Manchester City Women

25 May 2022 | 08:02 | Football

Lauren Hamp inspired Manchester City to a 4-1 win over West Ham at Victoria Road as they secured a place in the Women’s FA Cup final for the third time in four seasons.

Both sides intend to press each other on the pitch, while also building the game at the back, an approach that makes the game a fun – if error-prone – game.

While they’ve had some tense moments – including a mistake by Alex Greenwood that led to West Ham’s goal – the style has brought Hemp along with Alan White and a returning Chloe Kelly. Here comes the chance, as they are in the final at Wembley Stadium next month.

Team News

  • West Ham make a change to replace Hawa Sissoko with Katerina Svetkova
  • Manchester City make three changes to bring in Laura Coombs, Chloe Kelly and Alan White for Georgia Steinway, Hayley Russo and Cardi Jashaw

Both sides had space early and White failed to meet Kelly’s cross, and Dagny Brinjasdottir’s shot was snuffed out by Allie Roebuck, but it was White who took the lead in the middle of the first half.

Kyra Walsh’s superb half-volley from the edge of the box fell off the crossbar, giving the England striker a nod on the rebound as the West Ham defender was eyed.

The hosts were unable to get close to White, who netted the ball again minutes later, but the goal was ruled out after Lucy Bronze was thought to have just let the ball out of hand before heading in for her England cross-mate.

But it didn’t take long for City to wait until their second, and it was an ecstatic moment for Kelly, whose goal marked her first start in more than a year as she continues to recover from an ACL injury. recover.

Manchester City's Chloe Kelly (left) celebrates the team's second goal with teammate Alan White
Chloe Kelly (left) celebrates scoring with teammate Alan White

It was a gift for Kelly, with West Ham captain Gilly Flaherty passing the ball straight to her, leaving the simple task of controlling and breaking exposed MacKenzie Arnold.

But to their credit, West Ham bounced back from disappointment as Greenwood was tipped off the ball and Adriana Lyon came on for an impressive Lisa Evans, who went around Pass Roebuck, pass the ball over the screen bronze, into the empty net.

The goal seemed to unsettle City, with the game in balance for 20 minutes after half-time, and West Ham even had a chance to equalise when Evans played in Tameka Yallop The score, the latter shot wide.

But Hemp may have sensed that her team was in danger of giving up their hard work, and when she took advantage of West Ham to lose possession again, she seized control of the game, drove into their area and swept the ball away from Arnold’s. Drill into the goal at the back post. net (66).

In almost entirely one-way traffic after that, Kayla Walsh stood out from some searching passes from midfield and dribbled past some West Ham players in her own box.

White also ruled out another goal – this time for offside – while Bronze flashed a shot over the crossbar and Cady Jashaw took control when it was clean.

Hamp doubled his goals in stoppage time and another shot past Arnold secured City’s place in the FA Cup final.

player rating

West Ham: Arnold (6), Parker (5), Flaherty (5), Fisk (6), Longhurst (6), Svetkova (6), Brinjasdottir (5) , Hasegawa (7), Yalop (6), Evans (8), Leon (6).

submarine: Snell (6), Walker (6)

Manchester City: Roebuck (7), Bronze (7), Kennedy (6), Greenwood (5), Stokes (7), Walsh (8), Coombs (6), Weir (7), Kelly (7), Hemp (9), white(8)

submarine: Steinway (7), Angel Dahl (6), Russo (6), Shaw (6)

Players in this game: Lauren Hamp

Taylor: True belief in Manchester City

City manager Gareth Taylor said his side “really believe” they can join in the Carabao Cup final they won earlier this season, when they face Arsenal or Chelsea at Wembley next month.

and BBC Sport, Taylor said: “I’m very proud of this team. After the international break, we lacked preparation time. Compared to our previous performances, I think some of our performances were very good. We had some terrible moments at times, But we deserve a place in the final.

“We had a lot of options. We always knew there was going to be someone free in the way we played. Today, a lot of that was Kayla Walsh. She controlled the game with and without the ball, very, very good.

“The players have to win it. We have great games coming up. We just stick to our motto, which is ‘follow the process’. Whenever we succeed, we get the details right. When we ‘don’t do that,’ We may be slightly influenced but have real beliefs. It’s great to look forward to the Wembley final. “

It’s harder to bemoan the “little details”

Manchester City's Alan White scores the team's first goal of the game
White reacts fastest to give City the lead

West Ham boss Ollihad says his team’s defeat feels similar to them Just two weeks ago in the Women’s Super League, Manchester City lost 2-0 to Manchester Cityas he bemoans the “little details” that don’t benefit him.

“It’s just small details here and there,” Hader told BBC Sport“There were some good goals for them. Similar to the last time we played, we played our part well, but the details weren’t there.

“There was no positive or negative impact on this game. Congrats to Manchester City on the win.

“It doesn’t define our season, it’s been a very positive season for West Ham. We still have three league games to play. We have three great chances. Let’s see how high we can go in the league score.

“We saw some quality moments today. Their excellent relentless shots and our mistakes.

“The gap between the top teams is closing. I don’t think the score reflects the game.”

Player of the match: Lauren Hamp

When her team needed inspiration, Hemp stepped up and quelled a West Ham counterattack with her first goal before sending City to Wembley with her second.

What’s next?

West Ham travel to Reading and Manchester City host Leicester City in the WSL at 2pm on Sunday.

How to follow Arsenal vs Chelsea…

Kick-off on Sunday night at 12.30pm and follow the semi-final between Arsenal and Chelsea on our dedicated live match blog to find out who Manchester City will face in the Women’s FA Cup final.

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